This is where you'll find answers to your most frequent questions regarding PDExpress (PDX) relating to course reimbursement and payroll/lane change. PDExpress is the software program the SPSD utilizes for certification/authorization renewal, district curriculum development opportunities (which may or may not be available for certification credit), as well as course reimbursement / third-party billing (through accounts payable) and payment for initial candidate mentors (through payroll)- it is not solely "certification" software.

Q. What is the link to the PDExpress log in page and how do I log in?
A. PC Platform: Please go to the SPSD S-drive; My Computer, Staff$ on 'shared' (S:), CERTIFICATION folder, To log into PDExpress Word document. Mac Platform: On your desktop Finder toolbar click “Go”, connect to server (or Command button and K). In the server address field type smb://staff/staff$/CERTIFICATION (this is the S-drive). If you click the + button next to the address field it will save it as a favorite for you. In the next pop-up box the information will default to the registered user, please type your email name and password instead of the defaults and click “connect”. This will take you directly to the Certification folder where the log-in information document is located.

Q. I have forgotten my ID or password (or both). How do I retrieve them?
A. On the PDExpress log-in page, in the dark gray box on the bottom right is a link "Forgot your ID or password?". Click this link. You'll be asked to enter your school department email address; enter it, click "Next", then click "Finish" on the next page. You'll receive 2 emails:1 with your ID and 1 with your password.

Q. What is Out of District PD and how do I submit it?
A. Out of District PD, in PDX, is for any professional development opportunity not offered by the South Portland School Department. This would be for activities such as college/university courses, conferences or workshops offered outside of the district,  professional presentation (are you going to facilitate a conference, course or workshop in-district or out-of district - this is where you enter the activity), please make sure to select the grade level that is appropriate for you, mentoring of entry year teacher (you may submit your annual or bi-annual mentor logs here through PDX), K-12 course reimbursement pre-approval (this may be done with either the traditional paper form or, now, electronically through PDX); we are not currently using the peer observation or coaching option. Enter the title; if this is a college/university course please include the course number and complete title in this field. Any field with a black bullet is a required field. Click "Next", complete your entry and click "Submit for Review". It then begins the approval process; first to your grade level representative, the Chairperson and then the certification clerk. You can see where your submission is in the approval process by clicking on the submission on your homepage. You should click into the submission to see if there are comments from an approver. Approver comments are in blue.

You may withdraw your submission if you choose. You may delete an OODPD you have created and not yet submitted. Click the red X next to the activity. You can see the status of your submission on the homepage. It's in yellow under "Status" within the submission.

If you do not complete your submission in one session, click "Save" before closing.

If your submission is not approved by one of the approvers you will receive an email. You should click into the submission to see the reason for the disapproval. Again, it will be in blue type.

Q. How do I print an In-District PD Transcript to use for a future payroll lane change?
     1. Log in to PDExpress and click on My Pages.
     2. Click on In-District PD.
     3. Click Transcript of all completed PD.
     4. Click the small printer icon in the upper right corner and follow standard printing procedures.

You may also want to create a copy of this transcript electronically and store it in PDExpress or your favorite storage area beyond your laptop - Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. To do so, repeat the steps above, but instead of clicking Print on the printer window, click on PDF and Save as PDF. (This is based on access from a Mac laptop. You may see slightly different options on a PC.) Once you have saved the PDF on your computer, you can upload it to your storage area. PDExpress has a storage area for you. It is under My Pages and the word Documents. Open that and you’ll see an Upload button. Use that to store a copy of the transcript in PDExpress.