SPTA Lane Change/Payroll

Degree Status Change Form (Lane Change)

Please note that payroll has nothing to do with Certification (and Certification has nothing to do with payroll). Payroll is handled through the Business Office in Central Office and is processed by the Payroll Clerk (Sarah Pinault). Even though the clerks for both reside in the same office we do not share documents with one another. Strangely enough, this separation is in your best interest. We would not want to forget to share a piece of paperwork that would cause you to either not advance on the salary scale/receive certification credit. As well, your certification and payroll requirements are your responsibility. We do wish to help streamline this process for you so we are providing instruction for you here to help with salary scale advancement.

A Degree Status Change Form (lane change) is sent out to all staff at the start of each school year and is returned to the Business Office no later than early October. Please keep a copy for your records. This form is used to aid in budget development for the next fiscal year (this way the Business Manager knows how many staff are advancing) and as part of your document packet for advancement on the salary scale (to make a lane change).

For detailed (and additional) information, please refer to the SPTA CBA, pg. 5, Article VI – Credit Increment. Also, the Salary Schedule is Appendix A of the CBA. The Appendix shows the “lanes”. The following is not contract language:

1) Fill out Degree Status Change Form the previous budget year.

2) Once sufficient credits have been acquired to qualify for a "lane change" as indicated in the SPTA CBA (and below), please submit a copy of the Degree Status Change Form you had previously submitted and all applicable official transcripts to the Payroll Specialist at Central Office with a note indicating to review for "lane change". This must be done according to the time line listed in the CBA (page 5): prior to October 1 for a full contract year adjustment and prior to February 1 to qualify for a half-year adjustment.

The following are SPSD/SPTA CBA “lane changes”:

BA to BA +15
BA +15 to MA
MA to MA +15
MA +15 to MA +30
MA +30 to MA +60
MA + 60 to Ph.D.

To print an In-District PD Transcript of completed coursework in PDExpress:
1. Log in to PDExpress and click on My Pages.
2. Click on In-District PD.
3. Click Transcript of all completed PD.
4. Click the small printer icon in the upper right corner and follow standard printing procedures.
5. Your PDExpress transcript must have the chairperson's signature in order to be an "official transcript". Send it to the chairperson for his/her signature prior to sending your packet to the Business Manager for the lane change.

You may also want to create a copy of this transcript electronically and store it in PDExpress or your favorite storage area beyond your laptop - Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. To do so, repeat the steps above, but instead of clicking Print on the printer window, click on PDF and Save as PDF. (This is based on access from a Mac laptop. You may see slightly different options on a PC.) Once you have saved the PDF on your computer, you can upload it to your storage area. PDExpress has a storage area for you. It is under My Pages and the word Documents. Open that and you’ll see an Upload button. Use that to store a copy of the transcript in PDExpress.